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Episode 33 : 59 mins

Brewing for Diversity Scholarship

By Jeff Lozano
Episode 33

Brewing for Diversity Scholarship

Born in San Diego, Ballast Point Brewing Co. seeks to engage in opportunities that positively impact the lives of those in need in our hometown. It is with much excitement that we are partnering with UC San Diego Extension to award the Brewing for Diversity scholarship to one participant annually! Along with a full ride scholarship, the recipient will also have the chance to intern with us at BP and gain some on-the-job brewing experience.

To get more details on this initiative, we sit down with the people behind the scholarship, our Community Engagement Manager Misha Collins, UC San Diego Extension's Brewing Certificate Program Manager Kyle Wiskerchen and Second Chance Beer Company CEO/ San Diego Brewers Guild incoming President Virginia Morrison. Misha, Kyle and Virginia talk about their passion for the craft beer industry, the need for diversity and their roles in making this scholarship come to life.

Crack open a “Winter Wonder” and learn how this scholarship aims to increase diversity in the brewing community and foster the next generation of brewers.

To learn more about this opportunity and to apply, please visit