Episode 25 : 62 MIN

Craft Beer on the Tequila Trail

By Jeff Lozano
Episode 25

Craft Beer on the Tequila Trail

What’s it like to grow up in a tequila family but break the mold and dive headfirst into craft beer? This episode, we sit down with Joaquín Orendain of Cerveza Fortuna to find out!

Joaquín compares his early craft beer experience to learning how to drive on a Ferrari; he started with the best and never looked back. Though the beer scene in Mexico at the time was heavily focused on domestics, he didn’t let that deter him. Joaquín let passion and the opportunity of the craft beer industry drive his journey. He may be the only craft brewery on the tequila trail today but he’s making his mark with Fortuna’s clean and consistent beer, all while playing around with experimental ingredients.

His beer isn’t available in the US quite yet, but you can follow along with Joaquín on Facebook and Instagram at Cerveza Fortuna.